What is Mynewscan ?

What is Newscan?

Its everyone’s tool for watching news and creating some, at the same time.

Not every newspaper unlike television, lets you watch what you want . Television has its limitations that you will miss one thing when you watch another. Also they are not interactive. Meaning, you can not do anything with the news. you can participate and let the world know what you want to tell them,

Here is why newscan is unique, It will let you watch the news that you want. Nothing more nothing less. It will let you watch news from certain categories that you like, eg. Sports, technology, Business. or it will let you watch news from certain locations, i.e., your town, your street, a city you want to visit, your native place, a place where your children are studying, your spouse is working, and it will also let you watch what your friends are posting or reading.

Above all it will let you watch any combinations of these. Meaning, you can watch sports news from your hometown. You can watch business news from Chicago or Australia.

The other striking feature newscan has is that it will let you report a news. Sometimes you can also do a great reporting and it may change the world. It will let you upload the news in easy ways. and you can share among your friends. If there are more readers for it , your news will catch wildfire and will be delivered to a large mass around the world unlike certain Social networking sites, where your posts are only ready by your friends and followers.

You can also enter into discussion on any news, and also supplement certain news with another news related to it.

Other most interesting feature is that you can create your newspaper with it. Setting your prefered CANs. and the sources in them. Once you create newspaper sources, it will be changed automatically every time a news pops in or when a news become popular. Meaning, the newspaper that you once set is ever dynamic and needs no editing every day. You can let your friends see what you are reading. you can set who all can see your newspaper.

A person can create a newspaper for a group, and then invite the members of the group. We will even let you edit the name in the newspaper. Meaning , you have the total control of your publication.

So come on in . Start publishing in ease.

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